Oz the Great and Powerful…A Movie Experience

A few weeks ago at Disney California Adventure park I had the opportunity to view an exclusive 4D Sneak Peek of the new movie, Oz the Great and Powerful. After seeing the 4D Sneak Peek I knew that I wanted to see this movie at a really special movie theatre. I wanted it to be an “experience.” Which is why I was beyond excited to discover that my favorite Disney owned movie theatre, El Capitan Theatre was screening it on opening day.IMG_2127

Visiting the El Capitan Theatre is a true Old Hollywood experience with an  organ player! Before the start of the movie, there was a pre-show, “Disney Mysteries of Magic” with Greg Wilson, which was a magical showcase of illusions.


In addition several costumes and pieces from the set where also on display in the lobby. I absolutely love the costumes from this movie they were beautiful.


 What an awesome venue to see such a delightful movie and to make it even better as we left the theatre movie goers were given special 3D Oz glasses.$(KGrHqZHJEEFE3rBbYLDBROO(IRUMw~~60_12

Thank you El Capitan Theatre for providing me once again with another magical day.

QOTD: Are you planning on seeing this movie? Do you have a “Special” movie theatre that you like to visit in your city?

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