Weekly Recap: March 2013 Week 1

Good Sunday morning. I hope that you remembered to set your clocks forward and despite the lost hour of sleep, are taking advantage of the extra hour of sunshine! This week was filled new positive changes in my running regime, which I am really excited about. Yesterday was my first group run with Team Challenge, CCFA. I had to really push myself to get out the door on Saturday morning for my first group run as I was sick in the middle of the night. I am really glad that I did not talk myself out of going. It was a beautiful Saturday and who could resist a beach side run?


Let’s take a look at how I did this past week.

Sunday: rest

Monday: run 2 miles

Tuesday: rest

Wednesday: run 3 miles

Thursday: run

Friday: run

Saturday: 5k with Team Challenge (Not feeling well. 🙁


I decided that a tutu was needed to get me through this week’s runs!


QOTD: Do you ever wear something “special” on non race days?

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