RunDisney Training Tales Take 2

While it is still early to start speculating what the finishers medals will look like for RunDisney’s Marathon Weekend 2014, but one can’t be stopped from wondering. Some run for the fun others run for the bling! RunDisney’s announcement email regarding registration opening for Wine and Dine threw in a little extra surprise for a different upcoming RunDisney event. While I am beyond excited for Wine and Dine Weekend, I can’t wait to see what RunDisney has up their running sneakers regarding new finisher medals for Marathon Weekend 2014!  Is there any chance that RunDisney might be recognizing runners who participate in all three events and create a Dopey Medal? A Goofy runner can dream, right?    IMG_2148

QOTD: So what do you think the medals will look like for the Marathon, Half Marathon, and Goofy’s Race and a Half Challenge?


5 thoughts on “RunDisney Training Tales Take 2

  1. I wouldn’t even venture a guess-but if it’s a Disney medal I will love it! I’m running the Donald of WDW Marathon Weekend. I am so excited, but then I am also excited for TOT, Food & Wine and PHM 2014!

    • I too will be running the Donald aka Half Marathon that weekend! Well I am actually going Dopey so I will be participating in all of the races! 🙂 Best of luck!!

    • I am sure that one day you will find a way to participate in a Disney event! Anything is possible as long as you reach for the stars!!

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