Boston Marathon…Madness

Todays event’s have left me at a loss of words and has changed the running world forever. Sadly the explosions today have shattered the euphoria of the Boston Marathon. As a runner and one who aspires to such greatness as being qualified for such an event, I am taking this personal. This is sacred ground, we are a tight knit community. We stand shoulder to shoulder in crowded corrals, grab each other’s hands as we cross the finish line, and give each other sweaty hugs celebrating our accomplishments. The runners today could have been anyone of us. They are one of us. These runners are the people that we pass on the road as we wave and smile to as we pass each other in the early morning. As runners it is though we speak a secret language we understand how hard it is mentally and physically to train for a race, yet we are loving, encouraging, and supportive of each other’s aspirations as an athlete and runner regardless of ability. As a runner we might be competitive, but we are not nor ever will be a mean spirited group of people. Today’s events are simply heartbreaking.


The Boston Marathon is the event of year. This is the Super Bowl and World Series all tied into one where the best of the best wake before the sun rises, laces up and heads to the start line. It is an honor to participate in The Boston Marathon and runners bask in the glory of knowing that they are one of the elite. The best of the best. As a runner, I believe that these are the runners that we all should look up to as we have a lot to learn from them.

Boston Praying

I personally know serval runners, spectators, and volunteers that were all at The Boston Marathon and I am so happy that are all safe and accounted for.

I am united for Boston. Tomorrow, wear a race shirt. Let’s unite as a community and family of runners. If you can’t wear a race shirt, please wear blue and yellow! We are runners and we will not be moved! Stand up!

Please keep runners, spectators, and volunteers in your thoughts today.

❤❤❤❤❤❤If you ran today, wore your race shirt, or wore blue and yellow to honor Boston please email them to me. I would love to put a blog post together of #unitedrunners showing our support!

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