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So you want to participate in the Goofy, Dopey, or Dumbo Challenge? I have been asked more times than I could count regarding how I trained for the Goofy Challenge this past year. After signing up to run the challenge last May, I started reading as much as possible about marathon training and races recaps of people who had previously participated in the Goofy Challenge. Being that this was a RunDisney race I already knew that it was going to be AMAZING so I was mainly focused on how other runners trained for such an event and which training plans they used. Majority of the race recaps noted that they used the training plan created by RunDisney’s very own running expert Jeff Galloway. Having participated in numerous other RunDisney events and successfully used previous Jeff Galloway plans I knew that using his training plan was a safe choice. At the end of the race my ultimate goal was to cross the finish line with a smile on face and to be wearing this medal.

I wonder what Goofy is thinking!

I wonder what Goofy is thinking!

The RunDisney training program is called Goofy Race and a Half Challenge Training Program 2014 for experienced runners (those who have been running for at least 6 months).  This is a 29 week program, which starts during the first week of July and culminates race weekend mid January. I alway print the RunDisney training plan, read through it carefully, and use it as a training log. Jeff Galloways advises runners who may want to cross train and suggests Monday, Wednesday and Friday are the perfect days for those workouts.  I am guilty of not always being diligent in regards to my own cross training, but on days that I actually cross trained it would consist of either biking, elliptical, walking, hiking, or swimming. Each week I also had one rest day, and on occasion two rest days if the week had back to back long runs.

With the Running Guru Jeff Galloway!

With the Running Guru Jeff Galloway!

I must admit that training for Goofy is not always easy, it is a huge time commitment, but it is achievable. Training for any race is necessary to be properly prepared for race weekend and with RunDisney’s training plan anything is possible. Below you will find training plans for majority of RunDisney’s races in the coming year.

QOTD: What training plan do you use when you train for a race? Do you use the same training plan for every race?

Training Plans for Disney Challenges

Training Plans WDW Marathon Weekend 2014

Training Plans WDW Half Marathon Weekend 2014

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  1. My running coach helped with Goofy training plans last year. I also looked through Jeff’s online plan and mirrored my own around both plans. Cross training is not my strong point either…

  2. I really like Jeff Galloway’s training plans! I’ve been using him for full marathon training and have really appreciated how he splits up the long run into two days. Good luck with the Goofy! Doing a RunDisney race is definitely on my bucket list!

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