Month Goals: May 2013

April showers definitely turned into May flowers, though I did not see too much rain luckily! As we face a new month a new set of goals must emerge so here I am ready to not only to look back, but look towards the future as well with this month’s goals.

Let’s first take a look back at my April 2013 Goals

1.) Stretch: (B+) Foam rolling, using The Stick, which is AMAZING, and stretching almost every night has been beyond beneficial to my health and running form. I love seeing and feeling the benefits.

2.) Blog More: (B-)  Life seems to be getting in the way of my blogging, which should be an outlet not a hinderance. I love blogging and need to continue to use it as a means to keeps me accountable.

3.) Race Schedule: (B+) It is almost all hammered out and ready to be shared. It is a very long process filled with hard decisions such as which race bling is prettier. 🙂

4.) Training Practices: (A-) Out of 4 Saturday practices I attended 3 plus one track workout during the week! I think that I could proudly say that mission has been accomplished!





Here’s a look at May 2013 Goals…

1.) Dumbo Double Dare: The new runDisney training schedule has been released, I downloaded it my iCalendar and printed out a copy. To be honest I always have a difficult time following a schedule “something” always seems to happen and my training plans go out the window and I bounce between plans. My goal, which will be a “Roll Over Goal” till race day this Labor Day which will be to follow this schedule to the best of my ability, to be realistic and responsive in regards to my health.

Dumbo Training Plan

2.) Blog More: I really like to include this in my “Goals” as it make me more accountable!

3.) Cross Train: I am always stress the importance of cross training to fellow runners yet I don’t practice what I preach. Walking, elliptical, yoga, Pilates are just a few of the crossing training activities that I need to incorporate into my fitness regimen.


QOTD: What is one of your goals for May? Did you accomplish any April goals?

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