runDisney Dumbo Double Dare Medals

The amazing team over at runDisney has finally released pictures of the medals that so many of us will be wearing around our necks Labor Day weekend. They certainly know how to make gorgeous bling!

Dumbo Double Dare MedalsThe Inaugural Disneyland races, the 10k and Dumbo Double Dare medals were announced today by runDisney. They are absolutely beautiful. I always looked forward to the classic Disneyland Half Marathon race weekend and needless to say I am beyond excited for this fun filled expanded race weekend and inaugural event. Will you be participating in any of these events? Would you have liked if they changed the Disneyland Half medal as well or do you think that it should stay the same?

 QOTD: What are your thoughts, feelings, & opinions on the new medals?

Dumbo Double Dare Medals





4 thoughts on “runDisney Dumbo Double Dare Medals

  1. I would love to know where you put all your medals?? I currently have mine hanging from the side of a banner my husband made for me for my first half marathon. With Dopey coming up…I don’t think they are all going to fit 🙂

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