Digital Detox

Today’s “Ah ha Moment” was presented to you by running. Despite becoming completely disconnected from the world while running it is the one time that I actually feel the most connected to the world. I would like to think that out on the road is where I come up with some of my great ideas. Today however I started thinking about the world around me. In a society governed by instant replies, instant messaging, and always being connected to one another, my BIG question is WHY? Do we ALWAYS need to be so connected? What would happen if we replied to an email not immediately, but within 24 hours would that still be acceptable in our society? What would happen if were not always Facebooking or Tweeting? Next time you go to a restaurant look around, I have recently become shockingly aware that I am seeing more and more tables not conversing with each other, but silently engaging on activities on their respective smart phones. Now tell me how smart is it to be in a restaurant with someone you like and you can’t even talk to them? I think that our friend Ferris Bueller has the best advice,

Ferris Buller



QOTD: Do you think that you are capable of a little digital detox?

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