Monthly Goals: July 2013

Since I literally blinked and June was over I must admit that I need to roll-over all of my monthly goals. Sadly June slipped through my fingers tips, I was a little lost, and life turned a slightly sideways. I might have been lost, but I have been found! I have a solid game plan in tack that will get me through the rest of summer and hopefully the rest of the year! Before I get too ahead of myself let’s revisit my goals for the month of July. The quick observer will note that I have added a new goal!

July Goals

1.) Dumbo Double Dare: Roll Over Goal…See Monthly Goals for May 2013

2.) Create a Monthly Blog Calendar: It is very similar to last month’s goal to simply blog more, but similar to marketing and social media calendars, which I have created I think that this is my smartest and best bet to stay accountable!

3.) Ab Challenge: There is a 30 Day Ab Challenge that I found “on-the-line” (Bonus Points if you get the humor) and I aim to complete everyday of this challenge! You can participate in this fun challenge, all you have to do is follow the 30 Day Ab Crunch Challenge Board I created on Pinterest.

4.) Pace: I always preach that it is my race and I am not competing against anyone except myself, but let’s be honest we all want to improve right? Well here I am trying to improve.

5.) Motivation: Since the temps are rising I too need to rise early, not hit the snooze button and get out early in the day to run.

6.) Multi-Vitamin: I have been advised more times than I could count the importance of taking a vitamin and the many health benefits. I aim to not only find a vitamin that works for me, but to also stick with it and take it consistently.

QOTD: What is one of your goals for July? Did you accomplish any June goals?

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