There Will Always Be Bumps…

Throughout my career as a runner I never thought that I would be catapulted from a treadmill because my gym decided to turn the power off while I was minding my own business and logging my miles. I could give you a litany of injuries that I have either had or could ever envision myself having, but this truly tops of the list of WHAT THE HELL!! Luckily or not luckily as I don’t have lack of extra cushioning on my tushie I landed smack on my tailbone. While it is very humorous looking back on it, I realize how this situation could have gone terribly wrong and dashed my labor day and Dumbo Double Dare plans. Despite feeling way behind the eight ball in regards to my training I can feel that I am headed in the right direction. Today’s lovely lesson is a true case in point when life you knocks you door you need to get back up on keep on going!


QOTD: What is your craziest fitness/running related injury?

7 thoughts on “There Will Always Be Bumps…

  1. I used to manage a rec center on a university campus. Every time the power would go out we’d see someone bite it like this. SORRY for all the times I laughed. I know it hurts (and bruises the ego.)

    I did fall and completely wipe out TWICE at the Foam Fest 5K. Once into a hole spraining my ankle and once when I lost my foothold on the 8 foot wall. Yep, straight down. I’ve never been so thankful for this gigantic booty.

  2. That’s so scary that the gym turned the power off in the middle of your workout! I’m glad you weren’t hurt!

    This didn’t happen to me, but I saw it happen at the gym: My client was warming up (running) on the treadmill and another gym member set a Swiss ball down near the back of the treadmill. The Swiss ball rolled over next to the treadmill and got sucked under the belt and the treadmill jumped up in the air and my client fell down. She got burns on her hands and one knee from the belt that was continuing to move very fast. It could have been so bad, but fortunately she wasn’t seriously hurt. The other lady felt so badly!

  3. Oy gym injuries!!! Just remember all the health problems that can be avoided from being healthy… unless you die on the treadmill. Then that’s just bad.

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