Dumbo Double Dare Tales…Rewards for Running

As if earning anyone one these would not be motivation enough to lace up my running shoes this summer…

Dumbo Double Dare 10k

10K Dumbo Double Dare Classic "D" Disneyland Half Marathon

For those who are less intrinsically and more extrinsically motivated such as myself I like to reward myself for running. Yes I will be earning all three of these gorgeous medals at the runDisney’s Inaugural Dumbo Double Dare this Labor Day Weekend, but I for many reasons need a little extra push this year. It is kind of odd that I need such push as I honestly and truly look forward to this fun filled weekend each and every year. I even start planning almost a year in advance!

So what is that extra little push? I think that it is fun to reward yourself for reaching small, measurable, and specific running goals. Now these goals are specific to you individually for me it is how many times I actually run a week versus some might want it to be how many miles are logged in a week. Now that the goal is set you need to think of rewards….

  1.  Pay yourself to run….a dollar a mile is an excellent idea, especially if you have an upcoming race and you can spend your money at the expo. Each item purchased will have been earned by your dedication and devotion.
  2. Running Outfits…Have you had your eye on a  running top or skirt from your favorite running store? I like to print these images and tape it to my door when I leave the house or the refrigerator. Once I reach my running goal, I literally like to run out and buy it!
  3. Snacks…Interested in trying a new running snack. This could be a reward as well!
  4. Running Accessory….have you been looking online at “The Stick” or some other really cool running accessory? Go for it, but not until you reach your goals!

When determining your rewards make sure that you that this reward will actually fit into your budget, otherwise you when you realize that you earned it is just sad and disappointing! 🙂 Don’t promise yourself a new Garmin watch if you can only afford a new running shirt! Regardless of how you motivate yourself out the door, get out there and enjoy the run!

See you at the start line!


QOTD: Do you like to reward yourself to run? What types of rewards do you give yourself?

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