Throwback Thursday…European Adventures

Recently I spent the evening with a friend who was beyond ecstatic to show me pictures of her European adventures this summer. It brought back fond memories of the wonderful places I was lucky enough to visit with friends many years ago. I thought that it would be fun to take a look back on a few of my favorite places.



London was definitely calling and I fell in LOVE! If I had a British accent I would never shut up!

Abbey Road Studios

Abbey Road Studios…I think this picture speaks for itself!

Monsterrat Monastery

The day trip of lifetime. Absolutely breathtaking, despite only being an hour outside of the city, while in Monsterrat Spain you feel as though you are a million miles away. Peace and serenity is all you feel.


Though I did not step inside an old automobile filled with literary and artistic Gods from before my time, I believe that I stepped back in time and had my very own Midnight in Paris.

QOTD: Traveling warriors what special and exotic cities are on your bucket list? What is your favorite city that you have visited?

29 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday…European Adventures

    • Africa is on my bucket list too! From Côte d’Ivoire to Malawi and Mozambique there are so many counties I want to visit while there!

  1. I’m slightly jealous. I’ve never traveled over seas before. But there’s the Marathon du Medoc that I’ve got on my bucket list. Maybe one day.

    • Marathon du Medoc is a wine lovers dream in France! Running through 59 vineyards in the villages of the Medoc region has to be breathtaking.

  2. My husband and I were in Paris in March and LOVED every single minute. The food was amazing. And the history…. sigh. We’ve also been to Rome & Venice and hope to do a British Isles trip in 2018

  3. I loved Spain when I visited a few years ago – I think Barcelona and Madrid top my list of favorite cities I’ve visited. The food, culture and people were all fantastic!

    • Barcelona and Madrid two of my favorite cities in Spain! I completely agree food, culture, and people were AMAZING! Definitely will be returning to those cities!!

  4. I’m sad to say I’ve never traveled outside the country! I’m dying to travel to Costa Rica, do an African safari and take a cycling tour through Spain. Ugh. Why have I not done these things already!?!

    • Sounds like you have an AWESOME bucket list! I am positive that you will be crossing these places off of your list sooner than later! I never thought about cycling through Spain! It would be a trip of a lifetime! I cycled through Holland while in college and had a blast.

  5. My first and only European trip was Germany. My daughter is an ice performer and I made the trip to see the performance. I loved Germany. The culture is so different. My bucket list trip is Paris so I’m hoping for a half marathon there soon!

    • I visited quite a few cities in Germany and it was quite the experience. Filled with so much history. That is really cool that your daughter is an ice performer. When I was really little I wanted to be a Disney on Ice performer!! °o°

  6. beautiful pics. I’ve never really traveled outside the US, except a Cruise to the Caribbean
    (which was great!) A friend just came back from Lisbon and I’m itching to start saving to travel.

  7. London is definitely my favorite and I can’t wait to go back this September. I’d say that as a country Germany is my favorite overall, and Nepal was the most breathtaking. On the bucket list? Hmm. Thailand/Vietnam, Oz/NZ and Canada (haha)!

  8. I absolutely loved Italy, in particular, Southern Italy/Almalfi Coast. My favorite was walking around Positano. I hope to get back there… Someday…!

    • You visited the most exquisite parts of Italy where I visited the typical tourist spots. My next visit I aim to be less of a tourist and more of local!

    • Australia from everything I have read and seen seems beautiful. I definitely want to travel there, I can understand why it’s your favorite!

    • Hey Daughter of the Mother and Daughter Duo! I love the goal of running a half marathon in every state! How many have you completed so far?

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