How to Beat Treadmill Boredom

As the temps outside are getting more and more brutal runners have two options when they need to get their miles in. The first depending on where you live might not even help is get up at the crack of dawn or earlier to run outside or run inside anytime at your own leisure. While the latter option could definitely be boring it sure beats getting up at four in the morning to run. I have created a game plan to beat treadmill boredom and log those miles! Let’s get ready to kick that summer sun where the sun don’t shine!

How to Beat Treadmill Boredom

  1. Support System…Make sure that you have a team of people cheering you on and encouraging you while running, especially if it is a long run. If you have a running buddy text or call prior to hoping on the treadmill so they could be motivating you via texts throughout the run. (My Running Buddy & BFF across the country sends me  funny messages, motivating quotes, and pictures of my upcoming medals!)Running Buddy Treadmill Support
  2. Eye Candy…I like to bring along a medal from a previous race and display it on the treadmill. This helps me keep my eye on the prize and the visualization of crossing the finish line earning a new medal keeps me going. If this is going to be your first race print a picture of the medal that you will be earning. MARATHON-HALF-AND-GOOFY-MEDALS-PIC-640x426
  3. Treadmill Hop….Sure running in a place for a really long time can be boring, why not spice things up? If there are multiple treadmills I highly recommend the treadmill hop! If you are running more than a few miles give all the treadmills a try! Run a few miles on each treadmill! Sure you might look kind of crazy trying out all of the machines, but who cares! This is your race and you are racing against yourself! Just make sure that you keep track of how many miles you have run.
  4. Entertainment…Auditory or visual simulation can definitely help speed up time. Create a playlist for the specific amount of time that you want to spend on the treadmill. Find the perfect TV show or movie to watch. I always enjoy running with my favorite #FRIENDS! An episode or two always goes by fast! Friends
  5. Intervals…Specific timed intervals such as a 3 to 1 ratio keeps you paying attention to the time, but also helps improve your speed. Another set of fun intervals is running faster during the commercials and taking it slow during the show!


QOTD: How do you beat treadmill boredom? Any tips or suggestions for a fellow runner?


FRIENDS Picture (Source)

RunDisney Medals (Source)

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  1. I firmly believe in the saying that “anyone who said a minute was no time, never ran on a treadmill.” Unfortunately, because I live in Vegas, this is the time of year during which I’m forced to get up early (not something I’m good at) or spend lots of time on the dreadmill. To pass the time, I’m a big fan of writing up a workout of intervals and incline increases to hold my attention. I also try to do as much time as possible where I have WiFi access so I can watch episodes of Parks & Rec on my iPad.

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