Through the Looking Glass…Gazella Alice in Wonderland Running Dress Product Review

For years I have ran in skirts, but I never thought that I would ever run in a dress. I am not even sure I even thought about it to be honest. My love of racing in costumes has grown through the years and with each race. The first portion of the Inaugural Dumbo Double Race was the Alice in the Wonderland 10k. I was on a mission to find the perfect running outfit. Running as Alice was an obvious choice, but pulling it off was an even harder task. I naturally started surfing the web and discovered one of the coolest companies across the pond, Gazella!
I had found my perfect running costume! Immediately I decided that the Alice in Wonderland inspired costume would be perfect of race day. Guess what?! It was the best decision ever to race in a dress. The weather was unseasonably hot, even for early in the morning, I have participated in this race for five years and it has never been this hot! From packing for the race to laying out “Flat Melissa”, to actually racing in a dress was liberating and easy!
Flat Melissa is ready to race!

Flat Melissa is ready to race!

Gazella does not miss a beat or detail should I say! Everything about this dress is perfect including the accessories! I loved wearing the race legs which is not something that I always wear though I am starting to realize the many benefits of compression sleeves. Throughout the race I felt confident, comfortable, and most importantly like Alice! If you have thought or considered running in a dress I highly recommend that you give it a try and definately check out Gazella for your next race! I know that I am already eyeing the Mrs. Incredible running outfit!
Here is the bio directly from Gazella…
“Gazella Limited is a new UK based start-up that is encouraging women to have more fun when they run by creating lightweight fancy dress costumes designed specifically for running. (
Running in costume has become increasingly popular in recent years.  Whether it’s a Santa, gorilla or superhero run, fun runs are moving in an exciting new direction.  The Virgin London Marathon itself is a parade of characters from Alice in Wonderland to Zorro.  However most traditional costumes are uncomfortable, heavy and compromise running ability, putting to waste months of hard training.
Gazella Running Costumes are designed by runners for runners.  We aim to maximise runability by using lightweight, breathable materials and keeping designs as slimline as possible.  Our first costumes are inspired by Wonder Woman, Alice in Wonderland and Mrs Incredible with more on the way.” 
QOTD: Have you ran in dress? Love it? What are your thoughts on racing in costume?

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