Lessons Learned from NBC’s Revolution

What would you do if an electrical blackout abruptly put the world you know in darkness today? Would you stay in your home, protecting your family? Or would you leave the comforts of home and head out of out of town, armed with a gun or a bow and arrow? What if the life that you knew was gone forever? Fifteen years passes. Where would you be now? But, more importantly, what would YOU be doing? Would you be able to survive in a post-apocalyptic world? NBC’s television series “Revolution” sets the backdrop for viewers with these thought provoking questions. Needles to say I am a bit excited for the Season Two premier next Wednesday night, September 25th.


Mesmerized by this thought and the harsh reality of how dependent as individuals we rely on power for everything. I have a hard time not thinking about this reality and the dependency we have on power. Perhaps we should all indulge in a little digital detox. After watching the first season of Revolution again this summer on Netflix, I  started thinking of lessons learned from this series.

  • When the power goes out suddenly find the nearest Amazon fulfillment center ASAP! Stock up and grab the essentials. You don’t want to be like Aaron Pittman reminiscing about the days filled with Charmin toilet paper.
  • Start thinking about who you would want to be your leaders and run your new government. Remember the conversation between General Monroe and Randall Flynn? MonroeI certainly do and I second the vote for Governor Affleck in California. My biggest question though is which Affleck brother are they referring to? While big brother Ben is the most likely of the two Afflecks, we can’t discount younger brother Casey. Governor Affleck
  • When the lights go out and family is miles away, possibly in another state how are you going to find them? I highly recommend establishing a meeting place. My family is meeting at the Hollywood Sign, where is yours meeting?
  • Take the time and develop your memories. Do you really want to be like Maggie Foster carrying around an iPhone that no longer works because those are the only photographs that you have of your loved ones?
  • Never underestimate your courage, strength and wisdom. Charlie was put to the test and realized what an incredibly brave and strong woman she was. Her survival instincts serves her well.
  • Always keep in the back of your mind the great wisdom of Julius Caesar, “keep your friends close and your enemies closer.” Case in point, Miles Matheson and Sebastian Monroe the coolest bad asses of the post-apocalyptic world.
  • Repurpose items. Abandoned car? No problem, it could now double as chicken coup! Use the car seats for a horse drawn wagon. Remember it’s always important to roll in style!

There you have it a survival guide for the post-apocalyptic world!  Here’s a sneak of what’s ahead for season 2 of Revolution!


QOTD: Do you think that you could survive in a world without power?

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