Weekly Recap: October 2013 Week 1

When training for a race I find that it is very important and essential to staying motivated throughout training to remember two things. The first is that every week is a new week, thus a fresh start. Don’t compare yourself or milage to the previous week. Secondly enjoy your runs. You might not be at the pace that you once were at, but give it time and you will get there. All of your goals will be reached with dedication and hard work. Which is why I am so excited to be sharing my weekly recaps again! This keeps me motivated and accountable!




Here’s how I did this week.

Sunday: rest

Monday: rest (Left injured, unknown cause)

Tuesday: rest due to injured foot

Wednesday: rest due to injured foot

Thursday: 1 mile walk (feeling better)

Friday: rest

Saturday: 3 mile run plus 1 mile walk to the market


QOTD: How do you stay motivated while training for a race?

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