My Oatmeal Product Review

I am very lucky to be included with a group of amazing women known as Sweat Pink Ambassadors through Fit Approach. Often times I am provided opportunities to try and review various products. Being gluten free and dairy free it is not always easy find product substitutes and I have had my eye on finding the perfect oatmeal to make granola bars that are safe and delicious for me to eat. Coincidentally, a few weeks ago I was asked if I wanted to try At first I was reluctant as I was unsure if they carried gluten-free oats. To my surprise and excitement they had custom blended healthy oatmeal, made by hand, every time, just for me! And it was gluten-free! 

A few interesting facts about

  • There’s five different kinds of oats to select! Including quick roll, steel cut, 5 grain, gluten free oats, and organic gluten free thick rolled oats. 
  • Natural favors are added to your creations. 
  • Fruits, nuts, seed, cane sugar; the sky is the limit! 
  • You can set it up to be delivered on a regular schedule! 
  • Mystery blend! They have custom blends and they pre-package them up for a mysteriously healthy treat. I wish that they had a mystery gluten free blend. One can dream!
I was really excited to order two different custom gluten free blends all while trying to think what would be the yummiest creation for my DIY granola bars. After much debate I created two different custom blends. The first custom blend consisted of gluten free oats, brown sugar, maple, oatmeal cookie flavor, dark raisins, and dark brown sugar granules. My other blend, which I used to make my granola bars, consisted of gluten free oats, apple pie flavor, graham cracker crust flavor, dried apples, and brown cane sugar. They even provided the nutritional information on the back of each bag, which I LOVED! 
I absolutely loved being able to create to my own healthy oats. Would I reorder and create another amazingly delicious bag of oatmeal? ABSOlUTELY!! Check back tomorrow for 13 Going on Crazy’s very own granola bar recipe.
QOTD: What flavor oatmeal would you want to create? 
***I received My Oatmeal product for FREE through the Fit Approach community for my own thoughts and unbiased opinion. 🙂 ***

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