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Recently I was lucky enough to attend the 2014 Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim. This is the world’s biggest trade show of natural, organic and healthy products out on the market. With over 4,000 exhibits the place was packed! Most of the attendees are vendors or work for vendors. There were a lot of samples and information on new health products and food. I left with so many new and different products and foods to sample that I will be reviewing and discussing them in the coming weeks. Please check back often to hear about these new products and foods!

Food Expo

One of my absolute favorite booths for the body at the expo was Desert Essence. While it might not satisfy my sweet tooth, it definitely satisfied my senses and left me feeling amazing. Desert Essence is an amazing line of natural and organic beauty care products. The core value of this company is intended to improve the lifestyles of today’s healthy living consumers. I am always looking for products that make me feel good on the inside and outside without parabens, chemicals, any other harmful toxins, and cruelty free. It is even gluten free. Their manufacturing even supports wind power! How cool is that? From hair care, body and beauty this company has you covered.


I was very lucky and had the opportunity to try a few products this past week, Bulgarian Lavender Body Wash, Tropical Coconut Hand and Body Lotion, and Coconut Heat Defrizzer and Heat Protector. Having very sensitive skin I am not always ready to jump in try new body products so quickly. That was not the case with Desert Essence after reviewing ingredients lists, speaking with representatives from the company, and reviewing the product labels. I loved that right on the packaging it not only has a list of ingredients, but also what it does not contain as well. That is really helpful when you are reviewing a product and trying to ensure that is excludes specific ingredients.


I am honestly unsure which of the three I loved more. I sometimes find that the most relaxing time of day is at night when I am showering and washing off the day. Using the lavender body wash heightened my relaxation time and helped me unwind tremendously.

If I was not already relaxed enough I always put on lotion before bed. I know that it is a very good habit to be in and I remember being a little girl watching The Oprah Show with my mom and this lady was 85 and she did not look a day older than 50. I’m actually not sure how young she looked, but she credited her youthful looking skin to putting on lotion as part of her nightly ritual. Needless to say since then I have been doing the same nightly ritual. There is nothing like using tropical coconut body lotion right before bed. Not only do you smell amazing, but it is beyond calming and relaxing.

The last product I would like to attribute to having really good hair days! I naturally have crazy, curly, Felicity hair  and it takes a lot to tame it. Most people rarely see me with the curls as I am best friends with my flat iron. Obviously putting direct heat on your hair repeatedly can be very damaging, unless you use a heat protector. I am very guilty of foregoing that extra step too many times to count. Desert Essence’s hair defrizzer and heat protector smells incredible.  Anything with coconut in my opinion is great. The coconut aromas in this spray stays long after you are finished taming your locks.

Now that I have had all the fun discovering these new products I am so excited to announce that Desert Essence will be giving away one lucky 13 Going on Crazy follower a 4 piece Coconut Gift Basket of their best sellers! Be sure to enter to win! The Shopportunity Giveaway starts today, March 18th ending on March 24th!

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***I received Desert Essence products for FREE while attending the 2014 Natural Foods Expo West for my own thoughts and unbiased opinion. ***

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