Angie’s Boom Chicka Pop…Review

My daughter Melissa asked me to be a guest  reviewer on her Blog “13 going on Crazy.” I jumped at the chance to taste a new popcorn, Angie’s  BOOM CHICKA POP Popcorn!

I am not surprised she asked me, as she grew up in a house where popcorn was always at the top of her Mother’s favorite snacks. I do not mean occasionally, but a nightly snack!  She witnessed my sampling all kinds of popcorn from store bought to stove top popped to popcorn over a cracking fire in our fireplace. Obviously, she considers me to be the family popcorn wizard. I am gluten free and dairy free, and as I read the ingredient list; I was quite impressed and very excited. And no GMO’s! Just one bite and I knew this was going to be a big winner and only 35 calories per cup! Three cups fills the popcorn bowl perfectly. My  two personal favorites made me do a happy dance! The sea salt popcorn is seasoned perfectly and gives you the extra POW you would want a salted popcorn to have to satisfy those salty cravings. The lightly sweet popcorn perks up your taste buds when you need something crunchy and sweet.  What an amazing combo! This is a must to be added to your shopping list. I know for sure, my pantry will always have an extra bag or two, as every night is BOOM CHICKA POP popcorn night in my house!!!

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