runDisney Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend New Medals 2014

The awesome team over at runDisney has finally released pictures of the medals that so many of us will be wearing around our necks Labor Day weekend. Much to my surprise and excitement the new medals for the Disneyland Half Marathon were revealed today! They certainly know how to make AMAZING bling!

Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend

I absolutely look forward each and every year to Labor Day as that fun filled weekend is the Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend! Unless it is an anniversary years medals do not typically change exact for the lanyard which indications the year of completion. This year however must be that exception to the rule. While the medal that one would earn for completing the Dumbo Double Dare Challenge has remained the same. The beautiful “D” medal that you earn for completing the Disneyland Half Marathon has some slight modifications and a more modern feel. Another medal that has changed is the 5k medal, which typically changes each year to coincide with the theme for that year, but the 10k medal has changed as well. That too appears to be coinciding with the theme for the year. While I am in not in love with Lilo and Stitch, I really like that runDisney changes up those medals each year. As I am an unofficial Legacy Runner, I have been running the Disneyland Half Marathon since 2009 and would love for the medals to change more often.

QOTD: What do you think of the new medal reveal for the Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend? Are you in love? Which races will you be participating in?

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