Zero to Running…Getting my Groove Back

Doubting your abilities and feeling as if your training is way off is very common among runners, especially those coming back from injury and or illness. I would like to believe that it is even common amongst those who have not been sidelined due to health issues. Being a runner who always wants to improve their pace and stamina it makes it even more difficult to come back, both physically and mentally. Personally speaking for me, I am filled with doubt and lacking of believing in my abilities. I worry about missing my runs, losing my fitness stamina, and the most outlandish of all is that I simply will not be able to run again.


While these doubts are unwarranted they are real, which is where establishing a new game plan comes into play.

Yesterday I completed my first run in a while with my friends from Team Challenge and needless to say I am absolutely encouraged and motivated to lace up on Tuesday to go for my second run. Lesson learned, it is not the end of the world take a few days or even weeks off from running and YES it is just like riding a bicycle you never forget how to put one foot in front of the other. Be sure to follow me along my journey and I will be sure to keep you updated on my progress! I have quite a few races this fall and I want to be ready!!

QOTD: How do you get your groove back?

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