Friday Favorites…SIGG Thermo

I am so excited to be launching a new series on 13 Going on Crazy, Friday Favorites! I am always discovering and falling in love with new and amazing products and thought how much fun it would be show with you! Simply put, I have recently discovered the most AMAZING thermos which is also BPA and Phthalates Free. The SIGG Thermo along with it’s ultra modern and sleek design keep my cold beverages cold and my hot beverages and soups hot for over eight hours. This is totally not your old school kids thermos with those adorable matching plastic lunch boxes. I don’t even want to think about the BPA and Phthalates that those products contained! I have always been a huge fan of SIGG and did realize that the line of products went above and beyond the classic stainless steel water bottle.  Being gluten free I tend not to feel comfortable using dish ware and the such in an office situations. I do most of my preparations at home and try to avoid using microwaves at all costs.SIGG Thermo

I recently prepped my favorite Nona Lim Tomato Soup for work at 6 am and it was still hot at lunch time! The Thermo comes with a detachable cup which is ample for a full size serving. I am able to enjoy my soup in this cup and if I call attention to myself it is because of the sleek and beautiful cup, not the fact that I brought my own soup or am using my dishes. I know as fall and winter quickly approaches that the SIGG Thermo will be an important part of my lunch and snacks for work every day. This the ideal thermos for everyone from work to tailgating to camping the SIGG Thermo should be in everyone’s kitchen arsonal.


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