2013 Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend Part One

Labor Day Weekend…that means it’s once again time for the Disneyland Half MarathonThis was the eighth Disneyland Half Marathon, and my fifth time participating. Those that know me well know that I look forward to this fun filled weekend each and every year. This year was also the Inaugural Dumbo Double Dare! Running back to back races is a piece of cake for me since I completed the Goofy Race and a Half Challenge this past January. I actually enjoy back to back racing and the sense of accomplishment when crossing the final finish line.


Five years goes by in the blink of an eye, it is so hard to believe that I had only one half marathon under my running SPI belt, now I have over twenty-five half marathons and one marathon. I clearly remember the day that I decided to sign up for the 2009 Disneyland Half Marathon.  I was spending an enjoyable afternoon indoors as it was raining and my dalmatian was happily resting underneath my chair. I was thumbing through an issue of Runner’s World Magazine and opened to a runDisney adverstisment for the 2009 Disneyland Half Marathon. It was March and I knew that I had plenty of time to train. By June I was running at least three days a week and a joined a running group as well. By the time Labor Day rolled around I knew that I was ready for this race. I was beyond excited and ready to race. I have never experience such an exhilarating feeling than running down the middle of Main Street towards the castle and finally crossing the finish line. That year that runners where allowed to sign up for the 2010 Disneyland Half Marathon still coming down from my runners high I immediately signed up! Despite this actually being my second half marathon I like to think of this race as my first half marathon part two as this is when I fell in love with running.

2009 Disneyland Half

The 2010 Disneyland Half Marathon I had a double ear infection and a fever, but that did not stop me in celebrating my one year love affair with RunDisney and my Runnniversary. Despite having a double ear infection and a 100 degree temperature I not only crossed the finish line with a smile on my face, but I also earned my first Coast to Coast medal!

RunDisney Disneyland 2010

The year was 2011 and the being of 13 Going on Crazy and what a wild and crazy ride that was! The 2011 Disneyland Half Marathon, this race was celebrated with my family, which made the start of 13 Going on Crazy even more special.

2011 Disneyland Half

The culmination of 13 Going on Crazy was at the 2012 Disneyland Half Marathon and it was definitely a weekend worth celebrating. Memories and friendship were made that weekend that I know will last a lifetime. Crossing the 13th finish line in 13 months was an exhilarating experience which taught me the value and lesson of setting your goals high! Regardless of how many finish lines I cross I always feel as though I could move mountains. This time I however felt that I could move not only the Matterhorn, but continents as well.

Disneyland 2012

This year was the Inaugural 2013 Dumbo Double Dare and I had a blast! The energy, excitement, meeting up with friends that I only see at races, running through Disneyland and California Adventure, shopping at the expo, and celebrating between are all memories that will last a lifetime! Here are a few of my favorite pictures from this years race! I can’t wait till the Labor Day 2014 Dumbo Double Dare!

Picking up my bib at the Expo!

Picking up my bib at the Expo!

Could resist stopping to see Walt Disney at the Storytellers Statue during the 10k!

Could resist stopping to see Walt Disney at the Storytellers Statue during the 10k!

Mile 6 almost at the finish line, but I however have a weakness for oversize cupcakes!

Mile 6 almost at the finish line, but I however have a weakness for oversize cupcakes!


I did it! Completed the Alice in Wonderland 10k! Half way through the Dumbo Double Dare Challenge!

I did it! Completed the Alice in Wonderland 10k! Half way through the Dumbo Double Dare Challenge!

Could not resist a spin the stationary teacup!

Could not resist a spin the stationary teacup!

Stay tuned for the second half of my favorite pictures from the Disneyland Half Marathon!

QOTD: Did you participate in Inaugural 2013 Dumbo Double Dare? What did you think? Do you like back to back racing? 



WDW Marathon Weekend 2013…Expo

It has been almost a week and a half since I completed the Walt Disney World Goofy Race and a Half Challenge. I am simply having a difficult time wrapping my brain around completing such a feat. I have been dreaming of RunDisney’s Goofy Race and a Half Challenge since March of 2012, when Bob Hitchcock described what was in store for the 20th Mickey Marathon! After a lot of thought, consideration, and debate I finally had the courage to sign up, at times I even questioned if I was Goofy.

Traveling across country, at least west to east is an all day activity, despite the expo not opening until Thursday which is why I left Los Angeles on Wednesday. I love traveling to Walt Disney World as soon you land you are swept up by Disney transportation, AKA Magical Express, and within a blink of an eye you are in the Disney Bubble.

Loading my mom's scooter on the Magical Express!

Loading my mom’s scooter on the Magical Express!

I  arrived with just enough time to make it to The Brown Derby for a dinner. I must admit that it was quite ironic that I left “real” ‘Hollywood to visit Walt Disney’s creation and envision of old Hollywood. Despite the park closing early I am very happy that I was able to see the beautiful Christmas lights as it was the last night that they were up.


Being that it was so late in the day the park was closed by the time dinner finished. Knowing full well that the following day was the expo, I gladly returned to my hotel and mapped out my expo game plan.

Thursday could not come fast enough. The day had finally arrived and I was able to pick up my bib. Being in the Disney bubble that I was in picking up my bib was easy. All I did was climb aboard the race weekend transportation bus!


I enjoy going to expos almost as much as I love the actual races. I was totally stoked when I was even able to shop for my friend, the voice behind The Great Shakeup, who was in the air while I was shopping for her!


When I arrived my first stop was the KT Tape booth knowing full well how important it was to be properly taped for both races. The next stop was the Disney official merchandise. Way too many cute options! Needless to say I was all set with new running tops and even a new RunDisney jacket!


The next stop was to visit the New Balance booth where I was lucky enough to score a pair of the new official running shoe of runDisney.  Mickey and Minnie themed runDisney shoes of course! My mom literally flipped over these shoes as she not once, but twice got flipped off the bench as she tried them on!


As usual runDisney hosted an amazing expo and I had a great time seeing friends, shopping, picking up my bib, and official merchandise!

QOTD: What is your favorite part about going to a race expo?

What the Friday…13 Races in 13 Months

Happy Friday! As the year is quickly dwindling down I have been doing a lot and I mean a lot of reflecting! A lot of people have asked me for tips and suggestions as to how to successfully run 13 races in 13 months. Are you already looking ahead for 2013 and thinking that you would like to run 13 half marathons in 13 months? Here is how I successfully ran 13 half marathons in 13 months.

    1. Keep it Local…For obvious financial reasons keeping your races semi-local is key. For the most part try to participate in races that do not require over night hotel stays.
    2. Distance…Determine how far you are willing to drive to a  race and start exploring those cities. I had a limit of 3 hours from my house.
    3. Support System…Recruit friends and family to support you on this journey. It is a very long road and at times can feel like an endless goal. Make sure to bring at least one “cheerleader” to each race.
    4. Races…Plan your races out ahead of time, but do not pay for the all at once as schedules and plans can change at a moments notice.
    5. Race Financial Aid…If funds are tight reach out to local races asking for financial support and reduced race entry fees. Races love hearing about runners with major goals.
    6. Training…Stick to your training plan. Training in between races is equally important.
    7. Join a Group…Having a local support system and group that you can run with in between races will keep your feet hitting the pavement and keep you motivated.
    8. Accountability…Determine how you will stay accountable during this challenge. I created, which I hope that you are enjoying, 13 Going on Crazy, to help keep my head in the game.
    9. Journal…Keep track of miles and training. Join sites such as www.dailymile.com to record your runs and races.
    10. Rejuvenation…When planning out your race schedule be sure to allow enough time in between races. Though it did not always happen I tried to allow at least 2 weeks between each race.
    11. Runner’s Go Bag…Be an organized runner and have all your gear organized and ready to go at a moments notice. Here are tips on being an Organized Runner and Rain Readiness...
    12. Enjoy the Journey…It’s tough doing one race let alone 13. At each race look for something new and different to signify the glory of each race and accomplishment. I was so excited to discover a frog statue at one of my races. The hills at some races although at the time feel murderous on the other hand the views were simply breath taking.
    13. Celebration…Pick a fun activity to celebrate after running in each race. It could be as small as going out for a nice brunch after the race or something really big like going to DISNEYLAND!!

If this sounds like fun and a goal for 2013 sign up on 13 Going on Crazy. Add your name to the “NOTE” and be sure to keep checking back keeping 13 Going on Crazy up to speed on your progress!!

  QOTD: So are you in? Are you going to run 13 races in 13 months?

What the Friday?

The second week of What the Friday focuses on our proudest accomplishments as athletes. It’s no secret I love running half marathons, which is why I am proud of not only starting, but actually completing running 13 half marathons in 13 months. I love the adrenaline of standing at the starting line, the thrill of approaching mile 13, and the accomplishment of crossing the finish line.

**Ok friends, now it’s your turn! E-Mail 13 Going on Crazy at 13goingoncrazy@gmail.com. Send me a photo of your greatest accomplishment, what race it’s from (if it’s from a race), and tell me (briefly please) why it is your proudest moment. If you have a blog please put the URL in there as well, and on the next WTF I will write a post sharing all of your photos and stories! Please send photos by this Wednesday morning the 3rd of October to make it into the post.

QOTD: In our busy lives who need to pause, reflect, and capture these great moments. What is on your list of great moment’s of your life?

August Monthly Goal Rewind And September Goals

As the summer months quickly fade into fond summer memories we are headed into fall. As I reflect back on August and look forward to September I simply can’t believe how quickly this summer went by. I always think of the summer months as a book. June is the beginning of the book, July is the middle of the book, and August is the end of the book. Well my friends the end is here and as we embark on fall I am taking a look back my August goals.

Being that it is way past September 1st means it’s time to take a look back at my August goals and see how I did:

1.) Be fully ready for the Disneyland Half: (B+) I was ready in mind and soul, sadly my stomach was not under control.

2.) Read 2 Books: (A+) I have always believed that books are treasures and need to keep this up! Not only did I read two books, but these books are going to be movies! Score! The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky and Austenland by Shannon Hale both good reads.

3.) Bikini ready by Labor Day: (A-) I was ready, no pictures though! I had confidence and positive body image to brave wearing a bikini, just not the flash of a camera.

4.) Respect my Garmin: (B-) See July goals. Enough said. This is a work in progress for me.

5.) Discover at least 1 local Gluten-Free restaurant: (B+) I visited another gluten-free restaurant in my area though not impressed. I guess that I will keep on searching.

6.) Sync my Garmin: (C+) I was in full swing being a very active member on Daily Mile until mid-August hit and BAM! I suddenly stopped syncing. I will need to continue working on this!


Which brings me to my goals for September…

1.) Follow the Goofy Race and a Half Training Schedule: 3 Days a week does not sound too hard right?

2.) Read 2 more Books: I believe that it is important to balance mind, body, and soul.

3.) Sync my Garmin: See August goals.

4.) Tune in Tune out: Unplugging more and spending a little less time on the computer. And a lot less multi-tasking at night!

5.) Join a new running group: Training for Goofy is going to be an uphill battle and I think that I could use all the support that I could get!

QOTD:  What is the one goal that you accomplished during the month of August or would like to accomplish during September?

Disneyland Half Marathon 2012

Labor Day weekend…that means it’s once again time for the Disneyland Half MarathonThis was the 7th Disneyland Half Marathon, and my 4th time participating. This was also my last race of 13 Going on Crazy. I look forward to this race every year. They have tweaked the parks part of the course again this year because Cars Land and Buena Vista Street are now open! Runners now run through Cars Land, which was really cool. I think that it fair to say that Cars Land was the hit of the summer, if you have not yet had the chance to check it out I suggest that you do!

Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend always feels like a whirlwind and I always wish that there was more time. This years race was particularly special as my brother, Scott, and his fiance, Dana, not only surprised me, but I was also able to spend the weekend with my friend Briana and her mom, Bonnie.

The race was a magical experience. As always I woke up early with my family, put on my mouse ears and Minnie Mouse tutu and headed to the start line. My friend Briana and I started out together, which was a lot of fun since I typically run my races solo. As I reflect on the race, all the miles and training in between, it is all worth it when you turn the corner on Main Street in Disneyland and run towards the castle. The feeling that you have in your heart and soul is exhilarating.

After the race it was a quick fireman shower for me and I was off to the parks. Prior to heading into the park my family and I went for brunch at one of our favorite dining places in Disneyland.

Being that I am gluten-free eating out can sometimes be a challenge, but in Disneyland I found a place where I could hang up my mouse ears for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Storyteller’s Cafe at the Grand California Hotel cater to those who have food allergies of all kinds. My families inside joke this past weekend was that this trip was like being on a cruise ship with one dining room, one reserved table, and a set server for all your meals. A loud hip hip hooray for our servers Katie and Manny and Chef Chris who made each and every dining experience better than the best.

This weekend will always hold a special place in my heart and I always need to remember Walt Disney saying, “If you can dream it, you can do it.” I DID IT I ran 13 half marathons in 13 months!!

QOTD: Did you particpate in the Disneyland Half Marathon? What was your favorite part of the course?

Marathon Motivation Monday

Happy Monday and Labor Day!! Motivation Monday this week is all about the journey. I am from the school of thought that it is not about the destination, but about the journey. Who we meet along way, the experiences, the moments, the laughter, the joy, the tears, and the aha moments. I think that also applies to running and the road that one takes as a runner. As a runner I am constantly learning about myself in ways and realizing my inner strength, determination, perseverance. Often times who lose sight of how far we come and need to step back, pause for a moment and rejoice in the beautiful journey that it took to get there.

QOTD: Where has your running taken you that you thought you would never go?

Disneyland Half Marathon Expo 2012

Throughout the course of a year there are some weekends that you look forward to more than others. In my case Labor Day is always one of my favorite weekends as I always participate in the Disneyland Half Marathon!! I can’t believe that the last race of 13 Going on Crazy is finally!! The weekend is off to a great start as I was able  to go to the expo today and I had an amazing day!! Check back for more pictures and a race recap!!

 Getting ready to pick up my bib with new friends, fellow runblogger Briana, voice behind The Great Shake Up, and my biggest cheerleader, my mom!

We even took some time out to chat with Jeff Galloway about 13 Going on Crazy, The Great Shake up, and our running goals!

Race bib, new running tee, and Disneyland Half Marathon Booklet!

Nothing is more fun than in running in as a character in a Disneyland event, which is why I was so excited to be able to find the cutest and coolest running skirt!! Pictures to come after the race!! I don’t want to ruin the surprise!!

QOTD: Do you enjoy going to race expos? What is your favorite race expo?


Marathon Motivation Monday

Happy Monday!! Motivation Monday this week is all about strength. Some people believe strength is physical others believe that is a mental attribute. I believe that strength is an actual muscle that is developed over time. Every experience that you go through in your life prepares you for the next journey. If you went on a run your body’s muscles are now prepared for the next run, if you are in an emotional situation you rely on the previous experience for the strength and wisdom to get through to sunnier days. During a tough run or the cloudy days you need step back, remind yourself that you are STRONG! When you feel you that you can’t run any further or pass anymore mailboxes, you need to remind yourself of your inner strength and that everything you need is already inside of each and everyone of us.

QOTD: How does strength factor into your running?