Are you Ready for ME, Rebel Alliance?

Round up the Rebel Alliance, Wookiees, and Imperial Fleet, pullout your light sabers, ear bun your hair here I come! I’m on my way to the Disneyland expo to pick-up my bib and enter the Galactic Empire know as runDisney’s Inaugural Star Wars Half Marathon Weekend!

Star Wars Guide

QOTD: May the course be with you and I wish you the best of luck! Which race distances will you participating in?

Running Down Memory Lane…2014

While 2014 was not always sunshines and rainbows, I am very thankful for both the good and bad days. For all of the experiences, trials and tribulations, and days that literally took my breath away, make me appreciate and savor every moment. Everyone thinks that there will be time. Turns out there’s just roads. Long and paved filled with potholes. So what are you waiting for?

Here are my top moment’s from 2104:


Most Magical Inaugural Race: There is a very soft spot in my heart for inaugural races especially if it is a runDisney event which then gives me the opportunity to strive to become a Legacy Runner. I am entering my 4th year as a Perfect Pixie for the Tinker Bell Half Marathon and my 3rd year as a Perfectly Dumbo for Dumbo Double Dare Challenge. Lucky for me I live in California and I was able to participate in the Inaugural Avenger’s Half Marathon weekend. November is typically an excellent time of year to run a race in California. Avenger’s weekend despite the beautiful temperature, it was awfully windy, but all in all I have to say it was a magical run. I simply loved that it was a different course than the Disneyland Half Marathon and Tinker Bell Half Marathon. Running this race made me realize how given time everything falls into place. For the first in a very long time, I felt my stride coming back, my pace returning, and I was starting to get my groove back. My heart and soul that blistery windy weekend was finally all taped up and glued back together! Needless to say it was a Thor-ific weekend!


Proudest Moment: In light of the previous months, it was honestly a miracle that I was not only on the road to good health, but I was able to participate in the 2014 Dumbo Double Dare Challenge during the Disneyland Half Marathon weekend.  That weekend I earned my 20th runDisney medal. Since 2009 I have run over of 188.9 miles between Walt Disney World and Disneyland. That is seriously A LOT of miles!

Figment DDD 2014

Most Inspiring Race Weekend: Participating in the 2014 Napa to Sonoma Valley Wine Country Half Marathon with the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation was an amazing experience. I have personally never been in a situation where I was with so many people who have had so many similar experiences as I have had. Very few people my age have walked in my running sneakers or at least so I thought. I always knew that I was not alone and not the only one, but to actually see and hang out with people in my situation, who like me DON’T give up was an eye opener.  For those that know me, know that this weekend almost did not happen for me. While I am not going to mention names, you know who you are ;-), without my running partner who grabbed my hand to cross the finish or my friends who kept checking in on me via text along the course, or my running coach who stayed with my running friend and I for the last few miles this race weekend would not have been possible and for that I am forever thankful.


Coolest New Race Distance: I have always felt that if you are going to run a 15k you might as well run at least a half marathon, otherwise what is the point. Well let me tell you, if it is the right race series or event a 15k could be a perfect alternative to running a half marathon. While planning a special weekend the idea to run in the Hot Chocolate 15k Scottsdale was thrown into the festivities of fun. I have never participated in an event hosted by the Hot Chocolate racing series and they did an amazing job! Being the holiday season I thought that it was only fitting to run as a candy cane and my running partner in crime very sweetly agreed to go as Buddy the Elf. WOW!! How lucky was I to have someone go along with my crazy scheme to run a race in a costume, especially in yellow tights!! This was a wonderful way to end the 2014 race season. If you have ever thought about participating in a Hot Chocolate race I suggest that you give it a try in 2015!

Hot Coco

As I reflect on the enormous lessons and the gratitude that I have for 2014 I can’t help, but reflect on how far I have come. Often times we lose sight of that and get stuck in the moment. Everything in life happens for a reason and while I thought that I would never bounce back or be the runner that I once was I am slowly, very slowly, might I add, but surely not only am I becoming the runner that I once was, but even better.

QOTD: What are you most looking forward to in 2015?

Are you Ready for ME, Dumbo? Four Day’s till #Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend

In less than fours days I will be at the Disney Half Marathon 2014 Expo picking up my bib for the Second Dumbo Double Dare!! Could Thursday get here any sooner?

Picking up my bib at the Expo!

Picking up my bib at the Expo!

Here is my top 5 Disneyland Dumbo Double Dare Wish List…

  1. Have an amazing time celebrating crossing the finish line and completing 19.3 miles and earning 3 MEDALS!! I’m on my way to being PERFECTLY DUMBO!
  2. DumboNot have any GI issues during the race. This is a constant wish and theme for majority of my races!
  3. Cross the finish line not only with a smile on my face, but under the 3 hour mark for the half marathon and 1:25 minutes for the 10k.

    Celebrating with my three medals. I DID IT!

    Celebrating with my three medals. I DID IT!

  4. I am optimistic that the more elusive characters will be along the course. I would love to see Constance Hatchaway and Lillian Gracey aka The Tightrope Walker both from The Haunted Mansion. They were both along the course at the Inaugural Tinker Bell 10k while the line was long they were worth the wait!My favorite ladies!
  5. Celebrate this amazing weekend with a gluten-free & dairy-free cake made by Chef Chris at Storytellers. Since there are not too many desserts that are both gluten and dairy free in Disneyland I rarely have dessert unless it is my birthday. This wish is on Disneyland! A dream is a wish and a girl can dream right?Birthday Cake 

QOTD: If you’re running Disneyland next weekend, what are your goals?


Life is all about taking chances. Throwing your hat in the ring and following it down the rabbit hole. The moment is now, not yesterday and definitely not tomorrow. As Nike says, “Just do it.” Embrace yourself to have the confidence and the YOLO spirit to take every moment in stride with a smile on your face and to always hold your head up high. While it has always been known and in the back of my mind, I have learned way too much recently just how important and short life truly is. With my streak of carpe diem I have had one incredible week!

Mae West


This week I have been presented with two awesome opportunities the first being able to participate in a special meet-up hosted by Disney Parks Blog to attend a special sneak preview of what’s planned for Disneyland’s 60th Anniversary celebration on July 17.

Disney Blog


QOTD: Were you selected to attend this event? Any exciting and unexpected news this week?



runDisney Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend New Medals 2014

The awesome team over at runDisney has finally released pictures of the medals that so many of us will be wearing around our necks Labor Day weekend. Much to my surprise and excitement the new medals for the Disneyland Half Marathon were revealed today! They certainly know how to make AMAZING bling!

Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend

I absolutely look forward each and every year to Labor Day as that fun filled weekend is the Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend! Unless it is an anniversary years medals do not typically change exact for the lanyard which indications the year of completion. This year however must be that exception to the rule. While the medal that one would earn for completing the Dumbo Double Dare Challenge has remained the same. The beautiful “D” medal that you earn for completing the Disneyland Half Marathon has some slight modifications and a more modern feel. Another medal that has changed is the 5k medal, which typically changes each year to coincide with the theme for that year, but the 10k medal has changed as well. That too appears to be coinciding with the theme for the year. While I am in not in love with Lilo and Stitch, I really like that runDisney changes up those medals each year. As I am an unofficial Legacy Runner, I have been running the Disneyland Half Marathon since 2009 and would love for the medals to change more often.

QOTD: What do you think of the new medal reveal for the Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend? Are you in love? Which races will you be participating in?

the Road to runDisney Dumbo Double Dare Motivation

Let’s kick off the week right and let the training for runDisney’s Dumbo Double Dare commence! This is THE WEEK, the week that I look forward to year after year. I am motivated and ready to get busy and start training for the event of the season, my absolute favorite, fun-filled weekend of the summer, the Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend. As if having the opportunity to run through Disneyland is not motivation enough I will be running in the second Dumbo Double Dare race. I am on my way to becoming Perfectly D.U.M.B.O! Seeing both of these images this morning on my feeds made me want to do a happy dance, but instead I will go for a run! Just think 121 MORE DAYS!!

121 Days to Dumbo

Here is the training plans to get you started and ready for Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend!

Disneyland Dumbo Double Dare Training Plan 2014

Disneyland Half Marathon Beginning Runners Training Plan 2014

Disneyland Half Marathon Time Goal Training Plan 2014

Disneyland Half Marathon To Finish in the Upright Position Training Plan 2014

Disneyland 10k Training Plan 2014

QOTD: Will you be participating in the Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend? Which event’s will you be running? Are aiming to be Perfectly D.U.M.B.O?



runDisney Perfect Pixie

Get ready to discover your inner pixie! The 2014 Tinker Bell 10k and Half Marathon is closer than the second star to the right and straight on till morning! I absolutely love runDisney and simply can’t get enough of runDisney events. There is a secret, okay well maybe not so secret club in the runDisney community called “Legacy Runners”.
Legacy Runner
Each runDisney events honors participants who have participated in every race for that specific event since its inauguration. Due to logistics and when I started participating in runDisney events there are not too many runDisney events where I can be considered a “Legacy Runner” despite running the event for numerous years. Luckily for me I was able to jump on the “Legacy Runner” bandwagon with the Tinker Bell Half Marathon Weekend and the Dumbo Double Dare Weekend, both in Disneyland. If you had not guessed already I live on the West Coast, which makes participating in Disney races the easiest to travel to and more affordable.


Tinker Bell and Periwinkle


What is in it for a “Legacy Runner” one might wonder. Well in addition to the personal sense of accomplishment, aka Runner’s High!, runners receive special recognition throughout the race weekend. This includes your name in the official race guide for that specific event, your name is announced when you cross the finish line, special race bibs, coral placement, and you receive a special lanyard for your medal. If all of this was not enough some events have even given out sashes with statements that include, “Perfect Princess” or “Perfectly Goofy”! The fifth anniversary of the Princess Half Marathon also gave “Perfect Princesses” tiaras as well! Runners who completed 20 years of running the Walt Disney World Marathon received all of those cool extras, as well as a commemorative ring as well! I don’t know about you, but I am beyond excited to see what runDisney has up their running sleeves of those “Perfect Pixies” in 2016!!


Take a look back a my journey to becoming a Perfect Pixie! If this does not get you excited and ready to soar through Disneyland, a fun activity after the race is to visit Tinker Bell and her fairy friends at Pixie Hollow in Disneyland with all of your medals from race weekend!


2013 Tinker Bell Race Recap Part One and Part Two
2012 Tinker Bell Race Recap
2012 Tinker Bell Expo Recap
QOTD: Are you a runDisney “Legacy Runner”? If yes, in which event? Are you also a Perfect Pixie?


Virtual Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend Blog Hop Directory

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WDW Inaugural 10K & Half Marathon…In Training

This past year I completed the both the runDisney Goofy Race and a Half Challenge and the Inaugural Dumbo Double Dare. When registration came for WDW Marathon weekend I knew that I wanted participate in another inaugural race, this being the Minnie 10k. Wanting more of a challenge and something not as intense as the Dopey or Goofy I decided to create my own challenge, The Max! I immediately signed up for both the 10k and the half marathon, which is the exact challenge that I did this past Labor Day. While I will not be earning a special third medal for completing both, I am still very excited about both upcoming races. For all of my running friends who will also be completing The Max, I have modified the original runDisney training schedule that Jeff Galloway created for the Dumbo Double Dare, tweaked the dates, and voilà, a new training plan!

The Max

Click here for the training plan! WDW The Max 10k & Half

Without further ado…Please place your left hand and raise your right foot on this training schedule and repeat after me, “I swear to follow this training schedule to the best of my ability and swear to have a great time while doing it!”

QOTD: Will you be participating in “The Max”? Do you like back to back racing?