Dinner 101…Shrimp Scampi

Cooking dinner can be a big challenge especially if your are gluten free. Options can be further limited when have you additional dietary restrictions. I happen to have a lot of dietary restrictions, which is why when I discover a new recipe or an amazing gluten-free find I want to scream it from the roof tops! Gluten free pastas can be hit or miss in the taste department and lately there seems to be a lot of options varying from dry pastas to fresh pastas. I personally am starting to love fresh pasta especially if it is a blended gluten free pasta. RP’s Pasta Company hit’s this one of the park. Tonight I made gluten-free shrimp scampi for dinner and let me tell you it was delicious!!

Here is how I make gluten-free Shrimp Scampi…



  1. Clean the shrimp and remove tails
  1. Cook RP’s Gluten-Free Linguini simultaneously while cooking shrimp
  2. Coat the pan with olive oil and allow 2 tbsp of Scampi Garlic Butter to melt or add Spicely Pasta and Spagheti Seasoning and additional olive oil
  3. Cut the tomato and put to the side
  4. Once melted, add shrimp and cook till they turn pink. 
  5. After they turn pink add diced tomatoes and cook for a few additional minutes

QOTD: Do you prefer corn or rice gluten-free pasta?

Friday Favorites…SIGG Thermo

I am so excited to be launching a new series on 13 Going on Crazy, Friday Favorites! I am always discovering and falling in love with new and amazing products and thought how much fun it would be show with you! Simply put, I have recently discovered the most AMAZING thermos which is also BPA and Phthalates Free. The SIGG Thermo along with it’s ultra modern and sleek design keep my cold beverages cold and my hot beverages and soups hot for over eight hours. This is totally not your old school kids thermos with those adorable matching plastic lunch boxes. I don’t even want to think about the BPA and Phthalates that those products contained! I have always been a huge fan of SIGG and did realize that the line of products went above and beyond the classic stainless steel water bottle.  Being gluten free I tend not to feel comfortable using dish ware and the such in an office situations. I do most of my preparations at home and try to avoid using microwaves at all costs.SIGG Thermo

I recently prepped my favorite Nona Lim Tomato Soup for work at 6 am and it was still hot at lunch time! The Thermo comes with a detachable cup which is ample for a full size serving. I am able to enjoy my soup in this cup and if I call attention to myself it is because of the sleek and beautiful cup, not the fact that I brought my own soup or am using my dishes. I know as fall and winter quickly approaches that the SIGG Thermo will be an important part of my lunch and snacks for work every day. This the ideal thermos for everyone from work to tailgating to camping the SIGG Thermo should be in everyone’s kitchen arsonal.


Live Love Nourish with Lorna Jane Digital Book Review

As a member of the Sweat Pink Community I was recently given the opportunity to read and discover the digital version of Nourish: The Fit Woman’s Cookbook by Lorna Jane Clarkson. Lorna Jane, the mastermind behind the amazing Lorna Jane fitness line, lives a life similar to mine. Always with a healthy, fresh, positive outlook on life, all the while taking one healthy bite at a time.


I absolutely love  reading cookbooks, especially ones that are focused on health and fitness. This however is more than just a healthy cookbook. It’s a guide and a vision of how to live a healthy lifestyle all the while nourishing your body emotionally and physically. This is an easy to follow cookbook even a Newbie Foodie can easily follow along with step by step directions.

This book is broken down into sections make it easy to navigate your way through. From breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and dessert Lorna Jane has you nourished. In addition to all of the AMAZING delicious recipes there is thought provoking motivational quotes along with exquisite photography throughout the book.

How to Start the Day Out:Breakfast

This is now available and I highly recommend that you check it out!

@LornaJaneActive #LiveLoveNOURISH #lornajane #sweatpink



Angie’s Boom Chicka Pop…Review

My daughter Melissa asked me to be a guest  reviewer on her Blog “13 going on Crazy.” I jumped at the chance to taste a new popcorn, Angie’s  BOOM CHICKA POP Popcorn!

I am not surprised she asked me, as she grew up in a house where popcorn was always at the top of her Mother’s favorite snacks. I do not mean occasionally, but a nightly snack!  She witnessed my sampling all kinds of popcorn from store bought to stove top popped to popcorn over a cracking fire in our fireplace. Obviously, she considers me to be the family popcorn wizard. I am gluten free and dairy free, and as I read the ingredient list; I was quite impressed and very excited. And no GMO’s! Just one bite and I knew this was going to be a big winner and only 35 calories per cup! Three cups fills the popcorn bowl perfectly. My  two personal favorites made me do a happy dance! The sea salt popcorn is seasoned perfectly and gives you the extra POW you would want a salted popcorn to have to satisfy those salty cravings. The lightly sweet popcorn perks up your taste buds when you need something crunchy and sweet.  What an amazing combo! This is a must to be added to your shopping list. I know for sure, my pantry will always have an extra bag or two, as every night is BOOM CHICKA POP popcorn night in my house!!!

Heidi Klum for New Balance Review

Being a Women’s Health Action Heroes ambassadors comes with many  cool opportunities. One of the first opportunities was to review workout gear from the new Heidi Klum for New Balance. It is a beautiful line of performance apparel and footwear, also known as #HKNB.


While the tank did not come with a super hero cape, we all know that I have a soft spot in my heart for running skirts. Check out the super cute capris with an attached skirt! How cool is that?!  I think that it is fair to say, “Helllloooo spring!” I am absolutely in love from head to toe! Beyond cute, fashion and function collided and WOW! Check it out today! I promise you Heidi Klum won’t disappoint the fitness fashionista in all of us!


***I received apparel and footwear for FREE through the Women’s Health Magazine Action Hero Team and Heidi Klum for New Balance. There are my thoughts and unbiased opinion. :) ***

Strawberry Lemonade Sorbet

As the weather warms up and the sun in the sky stays out longer I can’t help but start to crave refreshing summer time treats. Lemonade, fresh strawberries and summer all go hand in hand and what better idea to than to make strawberry lemonade sorbet! It’s as easy as 3 ingredients and involves very little prep time.



  • 3 Cups Lemonade by Califia Farms (They simply make one of the best lemonades!)
  • 1 Cup fresh strawberries
  • 4 tbsp agave nectar


  1. Pour Califia lemonade evenly into two ice trays and freeze.
  2. Once lemonade has freeze, put in the blender in this order, strawberries, agave, and lastly lemonade ice cubes.
  3. Blend on the ice cream setting (frozen snowflake). You will need to use your tamper.
  4. Using an ice cream scooper or a piping bag with tip, serve and enjoy!!

Approximately 6 servings!


Ahnu Sugarpine Air Mesh Shoes Review

Thanks to Women’s Health Magazine and for being selected as an Action Hero 2014 I am very fortunate for this opportunity. While I was secretly hoping to receive super powers or at least a cape, I was beyond excited when I received my new sneakers from Ahnu Footwear. They were very gracious and sent me the Ahnu Sugarpine Air Mesh shoes. How could I not fall in love with these shoes? They were were named sneaker of the year 2014!


According to the Ahnu website, the Sugarpine Air Mesh utilizes the following technology:

  • Breathable mesh upper to keep you cool and comfortable
  • Waterproof leather and suede upper
  • Vibram® non-marking outsole and slip-resistant lugs provide grip and traction on varied surfaces
  • Numentum™ Hike technology with a lateral to medial TPU heel clip for neutral positioning and stability
  • Gusseted tongue helps keep debris and dirt out
  • Moisture wicking mesh lining
  • Rubber toe cap protects feet from abrasion
  • Dual density EVA provides extra shock absorption with heel and arch support
  • Integrated nylon shank and arch support provide torsional rigidity and mid foot support
  • Shock dispersal plate in forefoot for stone bruising protection
  • Self cleaning lugs

From the trail to the city these cross functional ‘hikers’ are unlike typical hiking shoes. The first thing that I noticed about these hiking shoes was the lack of weight. Weighing at about 1 lb. 3.8 oz  they feel like you are walking on clouds. Though my first time wearing them was not while hiking, but hiking through Disneyland. They definitely passed the test. Typically I am not in favor of wearing new shoes for long periods of time or if I know that I will be on my feet for most of the day. I however had not reservations with these sneakers. From the moment that I put them I knew that these would be comfortable.  Having a wide toe box and being super light weight  I think that it actually has improved my gait as my joints hurt less when I am wearing these shoes. Cute and functional double win in my book!

Ahnu Review

My only problem, though I’m not sure if it is actually a problem, but the vibrant colors for the spring line make it very difficult to select only one pair! I know that I can’t wait to discover the Karma and Gracie shoes for the summer! Be sure check out Ahnu’s website!

***I received Ahnu SugarPine Air Mesh Shoes for FREE through the Women’s Health Magazine Action Hero Team. There are my thoughts and unbiased opinion. :) ***

Desert Essence Review & a Giveaway for You!

Recently I was lucky enough to attend the 2014 Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim. This is the world’s biggest trade show of natural, organic and healthy products out on the market. With over 4,000 exhibits the place was packed! Most of the attendees are vendors or work for vendors. There were a lot of samples and information on new health products and food. I left with so many new and different products and foods to sample that I will be reviewing and discussing them in the coming weeks. Please check back often to hear about these new products and foods!

Food Expo

One of my absolute favorite booths for the body at the expo was Desert Essence. While it might not satisfy my sweet tooth, it definitely satisfied my senses and left me feeling amazing. Desert Essence is an amazing line of natural and organic beauty care products. The core value of this company is intended to improve the lifestyles of today’s healthy living consumers. I am always looking for products that make me feel good on the inside and outside without parabens, chemicals, any other harmful toxins, and cruelty free. It is even gluten free. Their manufacturing even supports wind power! How cool is that? From hair care, body and beauty this company has you covered.


I was very lucky and had the opportunity to try a few products this past week, Bulgarian Lavender Body Wash, Tropical Coconut Hand and Body Lotion, and Coconut Heat Defrizzer and Heat Protector. Having very sensitive skin I am not always ready to jump in try new body products so quickly. That was not the case with Desert Essence after reviewing ingredients lists, speaking with representatives from the company, and reviewing the product labels. I loved that right on the packaging it not only has a list of ingredients, but also what it does not contain as well. That is really helpful when you are reviewing a product and trying to ensure that is excludes specific ingredients.


I am honestly unsure which of the three I loved more. I sometimes find that the most relaxing time of day is at night when I am showering and washing off the day. Using the lavender body wash heightened my relaxation time and helped me unwind tremendously.

If I was not already relaxed enough I always put on lotion before bed. I know that it is a very good habit to be in and I remember being a little girl watching The Oprah Show with my mom and this lady was 85 and she did not look a day older than 50. I’m actually not sure how young she looked, but she credited her youthful looking skin to putting on lotion as part of her nightly ritual. Needless to say since then I have been doing the same nightly ritual. There is nothing like using tropical coconut body lotion right before bed. Not only do you smell amazing, but it is beyond calming and relaxing.

The last product I would like to attribute to having really good hair days! I naturally have crazy, curly, Felicity hair  and it takes a lot to tame it. Most people rarely see me with the curls as I am best friends with my flat iron. Obviously putting direct heat on your hair repeatedly can be very damaging, unless you use a heat protector. I am very guilty of foregoing that extra step too many times to count. Desert Essence’s hair defrizzer and heat protector smells incredible.  Anything with coconut in my opinion is great. The coconut aromas in this spray stays long after you are finished taming your locks.

Now that I have had all the fun discovering these new products I am so excited to announce that Desert Essence will be giving away one lucky 13 Going on Crazy follower a 4 piece Coconut Gift Basket of their best sellers! Be sure to enter to win! The Shopportunity Giveaway starts today, March 18th ending on March 24th!

To view the entire product lineup visit www.desertessence.com.

Coco Shamp_Cond_Loti#4A04D1

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***I received Desert Essence products for FREE while attending the 2014 Natural Foods Expo West for my own thoughts and unbiased opinion. ***

My Oatmeal Product Review

I am very lucky to be included with a group of amazing women known as Sweat Pink Ambassadors through Fit Approach. Often times I am provided opportunities to try and review various products. Being gluten free and dairy free it is not always easy find product substitutes and I have had my eye on finding the perfect oatmeal to make granola bars that are safe and delicious for me to eat. Coincidentally, a few weeks ago I was asked if I wanted to try MyOatmeal.com. At first I was reluctant as I was unsure if they carried gluten-free oats. To my surprise and excitement they had custom blended healthy oatmeal, made by hand, every time, just for me! And it was gluten-free! 

A few interesting facts about MyOatmeal.com

  • There’s five different kinds of oats to select! Including quick roll, steel cut, 5 grain, gluten free oats, and organic gluten free thick rolled oats. 
  • Natural favors are added to your creations. 
  • Fruits, nuts, seed, cane sugar; the sky is the limit! 
  • You can set it up to be delivered on a regular schedule! 
  • Mystery blend! They have custom blends and they pre-package them up for a mysteriously healthy treat. I wish that they had a mystery gluten free blend. One can dream!
I was really excited to order two different custom gluten free blends all while trying to think what would be the yummiest creation for my DIY granola bars. After much debate I created two different custom blends. The first custom blend consisted of gluten free oats, brown sugar, maple, oatmeal cookie flavor, dark raisins, and dark brown sugar granules. My other blend, which I used to make my granola bars, consisted of gluten free oats, apple pie flavor, graham cracker crust flavor, dried apples, and brown cane sugar. They even provided the nutritional information on the back of each bag, which I LOVED! 
I absolutely loved being able to create to my own healthy oats. Would I reorder and create another amazingly delicious bag of oatmeal? ABSOlUTELY!! Check back tomorrow for 13 Going on Crazy’s very own granola bar recipe.
QOTD: What flavor oatmeal would you want to create? 
***I received My Oatmeal product for FREE through the Fit Approach community for my own thoughts and unbiased opinion. 🙂 ***

Through the Looking Glass…iGlow Snow White Running Costume Product Review

Signing up for a two day race event is double the fun, double challenge, and double the outfits, and racing in costumes has become quite the addiction for me! A race is not complete if I do not have the perfect running costume selected. Each race has a theme and I must adhere to that! I love getting creative either creating my own costume or searching the internet for the coolest companies that make them. I most recently completed the Inaugural Dumbo Double Dare, where there was a 10k on Saturday and a half marathon on Sunday.

I had already decided that I was going to run as Alice for the Alice in Wonderland 10k and now needed to find the perfect race outfit for Sunday. Through the powers of Google I discovered iGlow Running, which is a company that makes running costumes out of sweat wicking material all by hand. I was very impressed when I read that on the companies Etsy site. Clicking through all of the beautiful creations I fell in love with the Snow White costume. I had always wanted to run as Snow White, but the complexity of creating such a costume had always intimated me and I always went for easier costume to create. I sent my measurements to iGlow and within two weeks I had received my costume! It arrived beautifully packaged along with care instructions.

Celebrating with my three medals. I DID IT!

Celebrating with my three medals. I DID IT!

I had tried on my costumes numerous times prior to race as I was beyond excited for race and could not wait to take it on it’s debut run. Labor Day weekend had finally arrived and I was ready to run as Snow White! As soon as I checked in to my room I had Flat Melissa all ready for Sunday’s half marathon!

Flat Melissa ready to race! Disneyland Half Marathon!

Flat Melissa ready to race! Disneyland Half Marathon!

I absolutely loved running as Snow White. iGlow made a beautiful running costumes that fit me perfectly! Racing through Disneyland dressed as Snow White was so much fun! I loved running through Fantasyland and the Castle with a cape! What a thrill! I even stopped to take a picture with my doppelgänger! How could I miss such an opportunity!

Who could resist a photo opp with my doppelgänger?!

Who could resist a photo opp with my doppelgänger?!

I highly recommend running in costumes especially at a Disney race, it adds so much energy and excitement to an event and I truly felt like a Princess!

QOTD: Do you like to run in costume? What is your favorite character to run as?